GILLETTE WILD Off-Season Strength and Conditioning 2014

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Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat

Rear foot elevated on bench or step; keep shoulders back, chest up, descend until front knee is at 90 degrees

Kettlebell Swing

Make a double chin, hinge from the hips not the knees, extend hips forcefully, bring bell to eye level; keep core tight, squeeze glutes at top

Barbell Supine Bridge

Keep feet and shoulders flat on floor, grip bar and keep directly over hip; lift hips off floor to full bridge

Cable Anti Rotation Chop

Keep core tight, don’t allow weight to rotate torso-keep hips locked; create motion with shoulders

1-Arm Kettlebell Front Squat

Rack Bell on forearm, bicep, and chest; extend other arm in front, squat below parallel keeping knees out; drive through heels

Reverse Crunch


Pause Bench Press

Use a spotter; keep shoulders locked onto bench; hold bar 1 inch above chest for a full three count, press forcefully avoid flexing or extending back

1-Arm Dumbbell Row

Initiate movement with scapular retraction, keep back parallel to ground; do not pump with hips

½ Kneeling 1-Arm Landmine Press

One knee on ground in half-kneeling; start with barbell touching shoulder; create an arc instead of a straight forward press; actively pull barbell back to shoulder rather than letting it drop back down.

Suspension Trainer or Dumbbell Supine Y’s

Using a TRX or other suspension trainer while standing, or circular dumbbells from the knees lean forward from the hips until fully extended then extend arms in a Y shape.

Standing Dumbbell Curl

                  Perform a standard dumbbell curl creating motion only from the elbows

Mountain Climbers

                  From push up position alternate jumping right and left foot forward.

Band Alphabet

Using a resistance band stand 90 degrees to band, extend out from body and write the alphabet without allowing trunk rotation


Trap Bar Deadlift

Using a hex-shaped bar, hip hinge to starting position, make double chin, lift while keeping back straight.

Counterbalanced 1-Leg Squat to Bench

Use a counterbalance if necessary to single-leg squat to bench. Do not sit down on bench-tap and go keeping knee out.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge on Glidder

Use a glidder or surface where you can slide your foot, and two equal-weight dumbbells. Chest tall, slide back until knees are at 90 degrees

Dumbbell Goblet Lateral Lunge

Hold dumbbell at chest level and lunge to the side as deep as you can keeping feet flat and pointed forward.

High to Low Cable Chop

Position cable above shoulders; rotate with torso and arms following hands with eyes. Keep core and glutes tight.

Cable Anti-Extension Overhead Lift with Shrug

Use very light weight. Position body 90 degrees to cable column; hold handle at shoulder, lift straight up as if performing a press, complete with shrug-do not allow cable to pull your arm forward.

Bicycle Abs

                  Lie on back, keep hands behind ears, alternate bringing opposite elbow to knee

Max Effort Tuck Jumps

Perform a maximal jump and bring knees to chest. After each rep stop, reset, and go; avoid landing and immediately hopping.


Kettlebell Push Press

From rack position (wrist flexed, bell resting on forearm, bicep, and chest) take a small, quick dip down, forcefully extend ankles, knees and hips and push kettlebell overhead quickly. 

Neutral Grip Pull Up

                  With knuckles facing each other perform a strict-form pull up until chin is above bar.

Dumbbell Pull Over

Shoulders locked on bench, hold dumbbell with both hands; while bending elbows and flexing shoulders, bring dumbbell overhead and below bench; return to start without

1-Arm Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Carry

                  Walk with kettlebell bottom above the handle. Crush handle,

Side Bridge Row

                  Perform a side bridge on hand, feet stacked. Reach to grab dumbbell without torso rotation

Ab Wheel Isometric Holds

                  Perform standard Ab-wheel rollout from knees by pushing hips forward. Hold end position.

GILLETTE WILD Off-Season Strength and Conditioning 2014

Exercise Alternatives

If you do not have access to certain pieces of equipment use these alternative exercises and equipment.

Kettlebell: most kettlebell exercises can be performed to some standard with a dumbbell

                  Swings: use both hands on one end of a dumbbell.

                  Front Squat: Hold dumbbell with one end resting on shoulder

Landmine: The landmine is a specialized piece of equipment that sits in a corner on the ground to hold a barbell. A simple alternative is to place a heavy dumbbell in the corner; use this is keep the stationary end of the barbell planted. 

Trap (Hexagonal) Bar:  Perform conventional deadlifts with the bar elevated on a 45# plate.

Ab Wheel: Use a barbell with a 25# plate on either side

Cable Column:  All cable exercises can be performed with a resistance band.

Glute-Hamstring Developer (GHD):

 For back extensions use a stability ball—add weight to increase the challenge and effectiveness by grasping a 25# plate to your chest.

For Nordic Hamstring Dives: have partner hold feet in place